A Career in Cgi

The dawning of the digital era has presented lots of opportunities for the development of new sectors, never before envisaged. Although nurses usually base themselves in hospitals, clinics or hospices to work, nowadays some medical transcriptionists provide online services to deliver emergency medical data to those who require it. Also, software programmers and engineers earn higher salaries than many other professions, despite the fact that they were regarded as a niche career not so long ago. Undoubtedly, technology has blurred the distinction between service and product. Modern technology combines both service and product by offering a helpful product that provides content. Virtual reality programs, video games and similar media products are examples of this.


A good example of a creative product made possible by technological advancements is the development of CGI (Computer Generated Imagery). CGI is a process whereby images are manipulated, via computer programs and graphics, to create high definition videos, images, film, video game and similar content. This is a challenging role, because CGI developers have to be conversant with the most recent technologies used by other industry players. Not only do developers need to be adept at this technology, they need to be extremely creative too. Needless to say, producing good quality, sharp images is not sufficient to stand out from the crowd anymore. Now, you have to deliver thought provoking content to win the praise of critics, who are exposed to numerous content and images on the web each day.

The Benefits of Working in This Sector

The skills possessed by CGI developers are in high demand, and there is a shortage of people with the requisite expertise. Due to this, the salaries offered by employers are extremely generous. Also, the majority of CGI firms are startups, so with this comes a more outward looking mentality. The majority of startup staff, including CGI developers, do not have to work nine to five hours, providing the work is completed. This flexibility enables night owls to function at their most productive time. In addition, it means that developers can enjoy a good work/life balance, offering them the opportunity to enjoy the fruits of their labor. Many developers are happy at work, because a CGI career demands constant evolution. The work will never become dull or boring. Staff are constantly pushing themselves to enhance their work and be unique. It is definitely not your average job.