Best Toy Drones by Gp Toys

GP Toys:

GP toys is a well-known company in regarding to manufacture RC drones, helicopters, quadcopters, RC cars and much more. This company is giving its services in USA, Europe, Canada and Japan. Here I am going to describe RC car by GP toys. Have a look on its specifications, pros and cons.

GP toy S911:

The innovation by GP toys in RC cars is the best thing. The model S911 is a best example of RC Car. It is completely an off road remoted control car. These RC cars are highly recommended for the child of above the age of 8 years.



  • Dimensions are about 32x15x26.5cm.
  • Its weight is only 1.8 kilograms.
  • Built with plastic, metal and rubber.
  • It is strong as well as durable.
  • Built-in with 390 brushed motor.
  • Highly waterproof and ready to fly in any situation.
  • Best thing about it is that it comes with 90-days warranty.
  • High in speed.
  • Speed limit is about 33mphs.
  • It is being offering a Radion system of about 2.4GHz.
  • Easily controlled by remote.
  • Takes 150 to 180 minutes to charge completely.
  • Show performance of only 10 to 12 minutes.
  • Contains 800mAh battery.
  • Will cost you not much but a handful amount of 59.99 euros.


  • Water resistant.
  • Shock absorber tyries.
  • Easy to carry with you along your journey.
  • Anti-interference ability.


  • Take a lot of time to charge completely.
  • Battery is not so good.
  • Not too much reasonable.

RC cars:

RC cars are usually referred as Radio controlling cars as well as remote controlling cars. RC cars are now being designed by many companies these days like WLtoys and GP toys. These cars are designed in a way that are compatible to resist and have anti-interference ability to avoid extra and unwanted radio waves. Unwanted radio waves sometimes create a problem in the proper functioning of RC Cars. Toy RC cars are manufactured differently than non-toy RC Cars. The spare parts of RC Cars are hard to find. Weaker motors are being used in them and batteries made up to NiCad and alkaline. But some good quality RC Cars have Li-po battery in them. RC cars used as toys are not too bad but sometimes reliable and good to use.


GP toys are good to use and very durable for your kids. If you want to buy your kids a present for they birthday, then a RC car by GP toys is a best deal.