Tech and Fpv Goggles

In the world of technologies, scientists have made invention of FPV goggles which are amazingly great invention and have left people surprised about the FPV goggles. So, basically goggles will help you see the image formed by camera of flying multirotor. This is stunning one and I am very much excited to write about it. Have a look below.

Walkera Goggle 4:

Don’t take Walkera Goggle 4 as an ordinary or cheap FPV, as it comes with valuable qualities and is neither too expensive nor too cheap to avail. Ergonomic design is designed especially for the users in keep their comfort zone in view. Contains double antennas for stability. Specifications, pros and cons are as under.



  • It has marvelous feature of having double antenna technology for better image reception.
  • You will use it up-to 2 hours.
  • Contains 1200mAh Li-Po battery.
  • Wonderfully built-in 40CH 5.5 FPV receiver.
  • 5 inches of amazingly great display.
  • You can also search channels by manual otherwise automatic option is also available.
  • Ergonomic design is for the stability of coming images.
  • It has AV input and output.
  • Brightness, contrast and hue adjustments are the part of it.
  • Unbelievable feature of automatic video formatting detection.
  • Two SMA connectors are at the top of Walkera Goggle 4.
  • Antenna is specially designed to receive signals at greater rate.
  • You will flight is FPV under the range of 300 meters.
  • Will cost you not that much but 169.99 US$.


  • Design will attract you at first sight.
  • Easy and comfortable to use.
  • Contains double antenna.
  • have 40Ch diversity receiver.


  • Diopler adjustment is a big mess.
  • No input for DVR and HDMI.

FPV Videos:

Time to talk about (First Person View) FPV Videos. FPV goggles are the set of goggles which is used to view what the drone’s camera is seeing. These videos will give a real feel to the person wearing goggles as they are directly from the drone’s eye. FPV quadcopters are compatible to fly up-to 50mph speed or more in an hour. FPV goggles are designed in such a way that will help you to see the things that are far from you in a way that you are seeing them with your real eyes. The videos formed in FPV goggles are in the format of PAL / NTSC which is also known as automatic selection. Videos have a great resolution of about Action array 3x800x480 pixels.

The bottom line:

Walkera Goggles have many advantages but it has some disadvantages too. The video quality is not clear and it is its flaw. If you can make a compromise on video quality, then go for it. It is the best one.