Tween the Unicorn and the Death Stare

Technology isn’t for everyone.  That’s something most would agree on.  In fact, at an early age you generally know if you’re going to lean toward a career in tech, which sets you apart from others in class who become the jocks, artists and prom queens.  Setting yourself apart to express your individuality is important when one reaches a certain stage in life.  Especially the time between puberty and young adulthood.  There’s even a name for the passage from adolescent to young adulthood when children may appear to be quite sophisticated and knowledgeable about the world, but lack the passion and maturity to handle it.  They call this time the tween years.  And a store called Hot Topics is tween central.

For the head turning looks teens love, head on over to Groupon and shop Hot Topics.  They stock the cutest, most stylish tops and tees you could imagine.  The apparel is age appropriate, trendy and with just enough edge for fun.  It’s like a Glitter/Unicorns/Goth mash up.  All you have to do is add the black lipstick, and they’ll be completely interchangeable with the next sulking teen.


On the other hand, shopping Hot Topics is super easy with the addition of Groupon.  They offer deals on Hot Topic clothing and accessories online and instore.  The deals change frequently, so you’ll want to check back often to see the latest money saving deals.  The have a wide selection of apparel for girls in plus sizes, including tops and jeans.  And band merchandise is plentiful on Hot Topic so you can save on tanks and tees for all your favorite players.  If you need gift ideas, you can easily see what’s trending at Hot Topics and make your purchase in time to have it shipped in time for the big day.   Instant 15% off with your first purchase.  Check.  $4.99 standard shipping.  Check.  Want handbags, backpacks, body jewelry?  Check and check again.  In fact, Hot Topics checks off so many things on your young adults’ must have list, they might actually thank you.

With Hot Topics there’s no running from store to store.  You simply click on the item you want, shop and click until you fill your virtual cart to overflowing.  You can’t buy too much at Hot Topics, but you sure can save a ton.  Faster than you can say fidget spinner your loot will be at your door.  Fidget spinner included, cause they stock a ton of them.  So if the latest must haves in swim wear, cosplay gear and novelty tees and tops is on the list of your grad, treat them to a heaping helping of Hot Topics.